Negative Consequences Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Register to read the introduction… Marcus says that Commodus "is not a moral man" and that "he cannot rule". Commodus is the Macbeth character in 'Gladiator' but is still not the main character. The main character in the film is Maximus who resembles Macduff in the film. While still being shown as a great fighter, Commodus is also shown in the film as a bit of a coward, after Maximus wins the war for Rome, Commodus shows up late to the victory celebrations acting as if he wasn’t even aware of a war even existing. Quickly after being crowned as Emperor of Rome, Commodus becomes disliked by the Senate and the people of Rome and seen as a pathetic leader. Commodus uses the ambition to be like his father to create barbaric fights in the Coliseum. "He'll bring them death and they will love him for it". These fights lead to the people loving Maximus instead of Commodus, he becomes jealous of his growing popularity, and he then challenges him to a duel in the Colosseum. Commodus, convinced that he couldn’t be killed, fatally stabs Maximus in the side to put him at a disadvantage before their fight unknown to the crowd. During the fight, however, Commodus loses his sword and demands the Praetorians hand him one, the Praetorians refuse which compares to Macbeth's noblemen deserting him before Macduff slayed him. Commodus is then slain by Maximus and the film there …show more content…
He and Macduff share similar traits and experience similar occurrences that make them alike. Maximus is shown as a noble leader, he is respected by his men and is shown as a great fighter. "It's for you Maximus. They honour you." Maximus is shown caring for his soldiers and anyone wounded. Although being a great fighter, Maximus is truly a farmer and will just do anything to go back home in Spain to meet his family and farm his crops which is his sole ambition in the film. "You know, dirt leans off a lot easier than blood, Quintus." A motif reoccurs during the film which shows Maximus back home running his hands through the wheat fields back at his farm in Spain, it becomes a symbol for his desire to earn his freedom and go back home to his family. After almost being killed by Commodus’ men, he flees back to his home in Spain and finds his wife and child have been killed, burnt and hung on the front door. This affects Maximus deeply as it ruins his sole ambition and begins to feel that there is no point to living. After being sold to future mentor Proximo, a slave trader, he is put into local tournaments to fight for his life. Another reoccurring motif returns of Maximus running soil through his hands, any land he fights on represents his sense as a farmer to be part with the land. Maximus is then taken to Rome by Proximo with other great fighters to compete in Commodus’ games in the Colosseum. Maximus becomes a fan favourite while defying Commodus’ taunts and is then challenged by the Emperor to fight to the death in the Colosseum. Maximus, while tied up, waiting for the fight is mortally stabbed in the side by Commodus. Maximus defeat Commodus but the wound slowly kills him and another motif appears with Maximus floating above the ground representing him being half-way between heaven and earth and just about to

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