Nazi Germany And The Holocaust Essay

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European Jews were treated terribly by Nazi Germany during WWII. They were faced with horrific circumstances and inevitable fates. Jews were dehumanised and treated as if they were a threat to Germany and if they were not disposed of, their supposedly evil and nefarious mannerisms would, ironically, soon destroy Germany as a race.

According to the film, Schindler 's List, the discrimination of Jews and the actions the Nazis took to expose them was non-expectant and unpredictable. Nazis would do everything they could to obtain all they could during their murderous mission. They would confiscate and sell Jewish items that had any worth whatsoever, such as: gold teeth, art, silverware, shoes, clothing items and jewels. The Nazis would take total advantage of the Jews ' wealth for benefits of their own opulence and power.

Nazis would automatically assume ownership of the Jews’ former homes after they were forcedly transported to the Ghettos and removed of their possessions and everything familiar to them. The following quote suggests the extent of the confusion and distress of one victimised Jew: "They come into our house, and tell us we don 't live there anymore, it now belongs to some S.S. Officer!"

It is portrayed in the film, that a broad variety of Germans hated the Jews, from adults to children and from wealthy to poor. As multitudes of Jews were banished from their homes and were forced to collect what belongings they could (which would be taken from them anyway) and…

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