Essay on Navy Seal Adam Brown Case Analysis

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Case Study-
Adam Brown was a highly effective, combat trained, and mission oriented Navy Seal who served for 11 years in Afghanistan and Iraq during the War against Terror. Adam Brown would never back down from a fight and lived a life of personal improvement through destruction of mediocrity. His team mates in SEAL team 4 thought very highly of him. He was described as having a “can-do attitude” and took every little task seriously and completed every order regardless of his own health or physical comfort. In an interview, Chief Petty Officer Harley stated “he would be the ultimate professional, operator, warrior that you’d want. The cool-headed professional, the one person I’d choose to have beside me if I was surrounded by enemy and running out of ammunition.” At face value, the life of a Navy Seal was a perfect fit for Adam Brown; and he excelled in every mission and training evolution. There was only one problem, one blemish on his record that defined him in a way that no one in the SEAL teams would ever understand. Adam Brown was addicted to crack cocaine. In regards to his addiction, Adam once stated, “The first time I did it, I knew I had sold my soul.” (Fearless pg 20) The Navy gave him a purpose in life and helped him to stay his dependence on the drug. However, addiction started long before he had joined the Navy and, even though he had been through rehab and counseling, “his body and brain had been altered by the drug and they would seek that…

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