Nature Vs Nurture : An Argument About Nature Versus Nurture Essay

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Simply put the argument of Nature versus Nurture in regards to human development is an argument about who someone is versus where they are. The sources of development attributed to nature find their origins in the theory of evolution, natural selection and biology. This is so, because over time a species survival is dependent on the ability to provide solutions to serious threats. These solutions translate into adaptations that are inheritable and can be seen in instinctive actions. These adaptations place the limits on developmental capabilities (Burger, 2011). Whilst on the opposite side of the axis are the sources of development not to be considered biological, these sources are referred to as nurture. With development compassing every aspect of life, from fetal growth in the womb, to successful ageing in later adulthood, Karatoreos and McEwan (2013) express that what happens early in life effects outcomes later in life. This bares weight to the concept that both hereditary influences, and experiences in early life, are determining factors in the successes and failures later in life. Issues arise when trying to measure the exact amounts of influence each constructs has on periods of life; this is part due to nature being a very individual specific. With the exception of monozygotic twins each human contains their own individual genes, with the odds of genetic similarity at over one in several billion (Larson, & Buss, 2008).
Once a considered an either, or theory,…

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