Nature Of Public Administration : Mariana Martinez Essay example

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Nature Of Public Administration

Mariana Martinez

West Chester University

In the world today, many ideas and beliefs have caused Public Administration to evolve into a creature of many dimensions. The upbringing of Public Administration with field pioneers such as, Woodrow Wilson and many other noted administrators during their time, centered their knowledge on what we refer to as the Old Public Administration. The visionaries like Wilson, believed that hierarchical organizations and goal oriented actions kept the stems of Old Public Administration alive. Luther Gullick and Paul Appleby were administrators strained to a policymaking focus. Old Public Administration’s backbone was that efficiency relies on organization and minimal involvement of citizens. By having a hierarchal system, organization is created. Policies are created by some, enforced and taught by others below. New Public Management creates movement in older mindsets of governance. Organization is a basic structure. New Public Management digs deeper to evolve efficiency. The idea under this school of thought is to steer rather than row. How can we expand our resources to achieve successful outcomes without exhausting our own? The question leads to opening doors not only public non-profit services but privatizing as well. The stir of this moves away from direct hierarchal structure. New Public Management focuses more on accountability. Competition between public and private agencies creates an…

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