Nature, Nature And Bad Luck Essay

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Shelly’s acclaimed novel “Frankenstein” tells the story of a man who tries to create a new species, or master species without any female involvement. Through the creation of this character, Victor realizes that he has created a monster, and works throughout the novel to try to extinguish this being, but is ultimately unsuccessful in his goal. Throughout the story, the character of the monster parallels the character of his creator as they are related to each other in terms of their thirst for knowledge and their inability to love and learn at the same time. They are both hurt by the force of nature, as Victor is hurt by nature and bad luck throughout the novel, as it is realized that nature plays an extremely important part in the creation of the monster. Nature is personified as a woman throughout the novel, and the feminist undertones of the novel are very noticeable as Victor combatted his fear of female sexuality by attempting to create a living being by himself (without any female involvement). What Victor did not realize, is that if nature is depicted as female, that there was female force involved in the creation of the beast, as lightning (a natural force) was required to strike the creature before the life of the creature began. This means that even though Victor tried to create life without the use of female force, in the end, for life to be created a female is always required to have taken part. Nature backfires on him as a consequence of him trying to create a…

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