Essay on Nature And Nature Of Nature

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Nature is derived from our understanding to what has already been here before us. Nature can be the plants, animals, land, and other sights or creations of the planet Earth. Just look at our community that has natural things that have already been there. When I go to an area that I believe to be nature, I go to the Greenway Park; specifically an area by the Arboretum here in our town of Yakima, WA. This particular area is nature to me because of all the things born here, not put here by humans. There are sights of humans that are also part of nature because any living creature on Earth is part of the natural world. Even though there are things there that were built or made by humans, the main focus are the natural things already there. Nature is the birth of all things, like what you are born with or the instinct in animals, which live on Earth and humans are the superior creatures of the world. Natural things do not necessarily need to be living, for example snow or rocks. Unlike the inanimate objects that make up part of the world, the abundance of natural things are what create life. As I ride my so called “unnatural” Mustang to the Arboretum by the Greenway in Yakima I can start to see the natural world secluded from the rest of the city as I draw near the area. The unpaved road that creates a rock path leading into the natural world of the Arboretum is felt beneath me. I start to see a man-made building and many man-made cars. The many natural things in my sight are…

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