Essay about Natural Macromolecules And Its Effects On Earth

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As energy flows directionally through ecosystems and the matter that makes up living organisms is conserved and recycled, man 's impact spans the gamut of elements associated with organic molecules – carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur -which take a variety of chemical forms, and may exist for long periods in the atmosphere, on land, in water or beneath the Earth’s surface.

For instance, humans need water – a combination of hydrogen and oxygen for survival. Man 's needs invariably trigger geological processes, such as weathering, erosion, water drainage, and the subduction of the continental plates, all of which play a role in the cycling of elements on Earth. Human cultivates the Earth for his food and in the process meddles with not only the soil, the trees and surface water (rivers, lakes and oceans). Carbon exists in all organic macromolecules and is an important constituent of fuels, with which man warms himself, cooks his food, drives his vehicles and powers the machinery in his industries. Nitrogen and phosphorus, both being major constituents of nucleic acids -used in artificial fertilizers critical to human agriculture, even as they have environment impacts on our surface water. Sulfur is constantly released into the atmosphere by burning of fossil fuels

The interconnectedness of the elements and their directional flow – in relation to man 's needs – makes his impact stupendous. “For example, the movement of…

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