Why People Commit Crimes Essay

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Why are crimes committed? Most people would say out of greed jealousy and anger. But we all get jealous greedy and angry so why don’t we all kill. The answer to that remains not in the heart, as most people to be, but in the mind. In 2006 the Bureau Justice Center did a survey and what they found shed much light on the mind (or lack thereof) a criminal. They concluded that estimated that 705,600 mentally ill adults were incarcerated in State prisons, 78,800 in Federal prisons and 479,900 in local jails.
What does that mean?
That means that out of all the prisons in the USA; 56% of State prisoners, 45% of Federal prisoners, and 64% of jail inmates aren’t where they should be, getting the help they need.(James and Glaze) What most people don’t realize is not only that sociopaths psychopaths and narcissistic people are not the same, they are sick with a dieses that they
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Sociology comes from the Latin stem “socio” meaning “member friend or all” and stems from the Greek suffix "-logy" which means "study of,”. This gives us our main difference between a sociopath and a psychopath

There are many types of sociopaths being that some were born this was and others were created due to other mental dis abilities AE: dementia. Why doesn’t grandma kill she has dementia? Important fact although some are, not all those with mental disabilities are killers, in fact it’s incredibly rare to see them plan out a murder [in the broad scope of things one of four adults have or will develop metal illnesses].

All kinds of

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