Native Son By Richard Wright Essay

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Richard Wright’s novel, Native Son, is about the murder trial of Bigger Thomas, who is an African-American man accused of murdering and raping both a black and white woman. Boris Max, Thomas’s lawyer, is arguing the case that Thomas alone is not responsible for his actions as it is America’s racism and segregation against minorities that factored into Thomas’s reasons for killing them. Although Bigger Thomas is responsible for the murder of Mary Dalton and Bessie Mears as his actions are caused by him alone, the racial and ethnic prejudices, class conflict, and xenophobia at the time played an important role in Thomas’s case as it was what influenced Thomas to commit these crimes in the first place. In the case of Bigger Thomas, racial and ethnic prejudices did play an important role in the reasoning behind whey he committed his crime in the first place. During that time period, if a black man was seen with a white women, the black man was almost always immediately accused of committing rape and sentenced to death, regardless of whether or not he actually committed rape. In Native Son, after Bigger is on the run and with Bessie, Bessie tell him “They’ll… They’ll say your raped her. They would say he had raped her and there would be no way to prove that he had not” (Wright 286). Bigger knows this and this is why he accidentally smothered Mary when he was in the room with her. If her mother had discovered that Bigger was in the room with a drunk Mary, the fact that he is a…

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