Native Americans During The American Culture Essay

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With changes to their way of life at the hand of Euro-Americans, Native Americans experienced dramatic shifts in the culture. Evans-Campbell (2008) explains that within the family unit, historical trauma easily becomes a component within the structure that lays the foundation for interactions within that organization. Poupart (2003) explains that through changing culture, the roles individuals play have also changed. For instance, historically Native American communities were often matrilineal in contrast to patrilineal arrangements in Euro-American culture. Furthermore, Native American males and females experienced more equality than Euro-American males and females experienced. In other words, interpersonal violence was essentially non-existent in Native American community because value was found equally in male and female members. However, in Euro-American culture that value is predominantly placed

with the males and Evans-Campbell (2008) reminds the reader that continued engagement in the Euro-American culture only perpetuates interpersonal violence.

Additionally, in an attempt to avoid the confirmation of stereotypes of Native Americans as the “savage”, members of the community may be less than interested in exposing interpersonal violence for the rest of the world to see. Jones (2008) explains that Native American culture itself may play some role in making sure that interpersonal violence is kept in the closet. The author explains that a strong component of Native…

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