Essay about Native American Peoples : The Nipmuc Tribe

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Here in the United States, there are a number of different Native American peoples. One of these is the Nipmuc tribe, which spans central Massachusetts and part of Connecticut and Rhodes Island (Thee, 2006, 636). The Nipmuc tribe consists of three separate bands known as the Wabaquasett, the Hassanamesit and the Chaubunagungamaug (Sacks, 2011). They have a history, nonmaterial culture, material culture, and a role in U.S. society that is both unique as well as shared with other Native American tribes. Although they are not officially recognized by the federal government, their history is deeply intertwined with our own, and their culture remains alive today. The Nipmucs were one of many Native American tribes who were some of the original inhabitants of the area. As the English expanded their territory deeper into the country, Nipmuc chiefs found themselves selling off their land, and many of their people were converted to Christianity inside John Eliot 's "praying towns" ("Nipmuc Indians," n.d). They often traded beaver pelts in return for weapons, metal tools and alcohol ("Nipmuc Indians," n.d). Eventually the Nipmucs struck a deal with the Massachusetts government to obey their laws, learn to be Christians, and surrender their land in exchange for protection from the Narragansetts and Mohegans ("Nipmuc Indians," n.d). Nonetheless, despite their connections to the British, they ended up being persecuted and fleeing to take refuge with other tribes ("Nipmuc Indians,"…

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