Native American Mascots And Logos Essay

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A mascot can be a person, animal, or object and it is there to bring good luck to the sports team and also used for merchandising. The mascot and team name controversy came about because of sports teams using Native American names and symbols for their mascots and team names (Wulf, 2014). During a football game, Indian dress, songs and chants, dance and sacred traditions were used. There are two conflicting viewpoints surrounding the controversy. One viewpoint believes that keeping Native American mascots and team names honors Native people, supports nostalgic feelings, and saves funding. The opposing viewpoint is that keeping this imagery is offensive and degrading because it is sacred to Native Americans and perpetuates negative stereotypes. For the Native Americans, they have said it is an insult to their traditions, culture and spirituality. Scientific experts have said that the use of Native American names and symbols by sports teams is a form of ethnic stereotyping that endorses misunderstanding and prejudice which adds to other problems faced by Native Americans. Supporters state that the issue is not important because it is only about sports, not just being "politically correct” and that the financial cost of changing mascots would far outweigh the benefits (King, n.d.). The Florida State University’s football team, the Florida Seminoles, is an example where the team name and mascot were sanctioned by the Native American Seminole tribe. The chief of the tribe…

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