Nascar vs Formula 1 Essay

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When you have two immensely popular racing circuits as diverse as NASCAR and Formula One, there is no doubt that you will see differences of opinion between fans as to which is the better sport. Some may argue that stock cars making 4 left turns for hours makes NASCAR too monotonous and dull, while others may argue that Formula One’s tracls aren’t spectator friendly at all. So now lies the ultimate question Formula One or NASCAR? Which is better?

Alright, so beginning with NASCAR , this is a very unique form of racing that is very popular within the southern and southwest portions of the United States and targets a very specific
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In fact, drivers will maneuver through track with manual driving as well as old steel tube frameworks, utilizing standard gasoline as the primary fuel source. As we saw with the atmosphere comparison, Formula One again takes a 180 degree turn with their approach towards the cars and technology that they offer. Each and every F1 car is designed and created with the most advanced auto making technologies on the planet, with each car weighing as little as 1300 lbs, utilizing space frame technology. Each car is different and evolves continuously every year with multi million dollar research & development budgets.
That being said as far as the type of model or system NASCAR & Formula 1 offer’s are vastly different. NASCAR follows a “driver” system where each driver is like his own “team” that is sponsored by a variety of different name brand companies. For example Jeff Gordon and his Home Depot car. Formula One on the other hand has different teams depending on the automaker, not the driver like in NASCAR. Some teams include Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Mclaren etc. Essentially Formula One is perfect for representing the capabilities of renowned world automakers on the highest level & prestige in the auto world – racing. Next we have the – track. NASCAR offers a simplistic oval track that is surrounded by a stadium geared for optimal spectating, while Formula One has very complex and difficult tracks, so highly calculated coordination is vital especialy with the fact that

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