What Is The Effects Of Concussions In American Football Concussions

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A Scientific Analysis on Concussions in American Football in Regards to Helmets and Gameplay Regulations


A concussion is medically defined as “ a traumatic injury to soft tissue, most commonly to the brain, as a result of a violent blow, shaking, or spinning” (Concussion). Concussions that involve the cranial cavity pose the threat of immediate damage as well as permanent and degenerative effects that contribute to the loss of natural cognition, equilibrium, and consciousness. (Concussion). Concussions are graded based on severity as well as depending on the presence of vertigo, awareness, and amount of amnesia. Once this is professionally assessed, they are graded as grade one mild, two moderate, and three extremely
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Concussions have been connected to several brief illnesses that target cognition and overall performance in the game, but unfortunately due to recent research and evidence have been linked to long term illness that not only attracts the cognitive thinking of the individual, but other important muscular functions, memory, and everyday life activity (Result). The national center for Biotechnology information measured concussions in players with high resolution anatomical magnetic resonance imaging that helped the scientist spinpoint exactly what concussions do to the brain 's shape and structure. Findings concluded that “players without a history of concussion had smaller hippocampal volumes which is statistically normal. those who experienced concussion had inverse result and there was significant swelling to that region and those around it”( Results) The issue with the hippocampus and other lobes around it experiencing swelling is that the function then becomes altered. The study found that those players that experienced concussions and thereafter were found to have damage to the hippocampus were having trouble recognizing family and friends, remembering simple activities, as well as emotional confusion (Results). Concussions are becoming more and more prominent especially in modern day sports. According to the U.S. center for disease control and prevention it is crucial to realize the significance and continue to find ways to decrease the consequences and lower the rate of injury (Sports

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