Essay on Narrative Techniques Used By Biblical Films

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While it is easy to criticize the new medium of film for lack of substance—Aichele and Walsh wrote that “one does not expect especially valuable insights from [film]—it is clear that audiences can learn from the morals and values taught in biblical movies CITATION (Screening Scripture p.viii). Parallel narrative techniques used by biblical filmmakers represent an excellent example of a novel format through which religious teachings could be conveyed to mass audiences; through direct, immersive comparison with their modern lives. The value of this medium should not be understated: “even if no movie has saved anyone’s soul, cinema can provide thought-provoking drama or spectacular entertainment, allowing audiences to visualize stories from the bible like never before. If nothing else, a movie-goer may be inspired to go beyond Hollywood and its products to check out the original source material in the Bible” CITATION (TBATH). By using parallel narratives to highlight the relevance of scripture in modern life, filmmakers promoted a concept of scripture as an ethical code for contemporary audiences.
Portrayals of Women Scripture is notorious for its male-centric focus and frequent relegation of women to supporting or auxiliary roles. Cinematic representations of the bible are no exception. Tropes such as the good girl/bad girl dichotomy, where women would be static characters who represented simply ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’. This was most often shown when a leading man was forced…

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