Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Frederick Douglass and Solomon Northup For centuries, slavery infected America like a plague. It claimed the lives of innocent black men, women, and children and turned them into mere objects to be bought and sold as their masters pleased. Most submitted to their pale-skinned masters, while others risked their lives to desperately escape captivity. By the 1800s, many had had enough. They could not bear the crushing oppression any longer. They actively opposed the standards forced upon them, such as illiteracy and total obedience. These people included Frederick Douglass, a rather known figure in African American history, and Solomon Northup, author of the renown book, 12 Years a Slave. In Douglass’ first autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, he recounts his first-hand experience with slavery and its perils. Similar to Douglass’ autobiography, Northup describes his gorey 12 year period of bondage in his aforementioned book, 12 Years a Slave. Although both are of different backgrounds, Douglass born into slavery and Northup kidnapped at the age of 30, they achieved similar accomplishments that opposed the racism and discrimination of their slaveholders. Frederick Douglass and Solomon Northup were both slaves determined to escape from their bondage. During their pursuit for freedom, defying their masters was not uncommon, where it was using physical force against a white man or helping other slaves against their masters’ wishes. One of the most…

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