Narrative Essay: The Hockey Game

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It was a Saturday afternoon in December and frighteningly cold out. Becca had gone to the ice rink to watch Ashley skate. Sitting on the bleachers, freezing, wishing her best friend was a gymnast or even a pianist, she reached up and pulled her hat over her ears. She peered through the glass wall, out to the ice, and quickly forgot about her frozen extremities. Ashley’s coach stood scrutinizing her as she sped across the ice, jumped high in the air, spun around into a blur of beautiful colors and landed effortlessly, looking like she hadn’t even taken a breath. Ashley continued jumping and spinning while Becca watched in amazement─ totally unaware she was smiling.
The coach pushed Ashley hard, and at times Becca had to fight the urge to knee him in the groin. He acted like everything Ashley did needed improvement. He did praise her, but
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After easily locking them into place, she went with Becca to wait out her nose bleed in a warmer location. Walking into the cafeteria, Becca and Ashley sat down next to each other. “I have some Kleenex if you need more,” Ashley offered.
“Thanks, but it’s really not that bad.”
There weren’t many people in the cafeteria─ not compared to a Friday night when the hockey game packed the house. There were random groups of kids standing around talking or getting something to eat. And a few, like Becca and Ashley, were just hanging out at a table.
The cafeteria smelled of hot chocolate and nachos. As Becca lay down on the bench seat, she wondered if the smell actually came from the kitchen or from the numerous spills that no doubt permeated the mat. Lying flat on her back with her knees pulled up, she continued holding the tissue against her nose.
Ashley pushed her bag aside just as Becca let out a sigh. “There isn’t anything wrong with you is there?” Ashley asked.
“Mentally or physically?” Becca chortled. “I’m fine, although I might be allergic to the

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