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Narrative Essay

People are not always what they seem. I was in the eighth grade when I truly figured this out. Although I am not proud of it, around that time I would judge people solely on their appearances. I was a teenage girl in middle school, and it was fairly common to judge people around that age. I had a select group of friends, and we were all considered to be popular girls. We were pretty, we all had the same things going on, and we were into the same activities. We all dressed nicely and carried ourselves well. I took pride in that. I was not into hanging with loud, dramatic, attention loving girls that did not carry themselves well and did not dress or look the way I liked. I loved to hang with girls that looked clean and dressed the same way. Anyone who did not look or act the part I did not want anything to do with them, and that is just how things were. It was not until my first day of eighth grade that I realized I was wrong for judging people based on the way they looked or spoke. That was the day I knew that I had to gain a new perspective and give people a chance before completely shutting them down over such minor things.

It all started on my first day in the eighth grade at Columbia Middle School. It was a new school and a new city, which essentially meant meeting new people. I was not looking forward to meeting anyone new, at all.. I hated to meet new people. I was already upset that I had to move away from my friends and my school. Unfortunately,…

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