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Narrative Essay Kloe was a beautiful, caramel colored dachshund that I hated loving. She was never the most energetic dog. If I took her to the park and tried to get her to play fetch, she would look me in the eye with the blankest expression. Then I would proceed to sadly pick up the ball up myself. Normally I could open the door for her and she could go out and do her business by herself, because she knew her boundaries and I knew she was never the type to interact with other dogs, but one day she took it too far and we had to make drastic changes. We had a neighbor that owned a quite friendly dog, and Kloe seemed to have developed an interest in this dog. One day when she was out, she was tempted to take that interest to a “whole different level,” and she gave in. At the time we thought she was spayed, so we didn’t feel the need to take action. A few weeks later my mom came to me with a frustrated expression and announced that Kloe was pregnant. As soon as the words slipped her mouth my eyes widened, and my mouth dropped in excitement, even though I knew it was the last thing my mom wanted. About two months later Kloe gave birth to a litter of eight beautiful puppies. Like any natural mother, Kloe was very attentive and overprotective of her pups. As the puppies grew we began to prepare them for adoption. Luckily all were given away but one. This meant that one puppy had to stay as we tried to look for a new place to move. By the following month, we were settled into…

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