Book Summary: The Jungle By Upton Sinclair

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Morgan fowler
6th period
Romine Upton Sinclair wrote the book “The Jungle’’,and it is about a Lithuanian family with high hopes that America will change their lives forever.Through the book Jurgis faces a ton of unfortunate events that change Jurgis from a family man,to someone you might want to try and stay away from.The series of events that go on in his life are all thanks to the new world that they have moved to.America was nothing like what they had wished for.Jurgis goes from having a job and barely making ends meet, to not having a job at all and not knowing where their next meal would come from. The family moved to America and found a offer on a house that seemed way too good to be true.They moved into the
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In 1878-1996 the health department was not near what it is today. The meat packing industry was disgusting and made some people very sick. The industry was a very hard, dangerous and filthy job. In a metaphoric way the meatpacking industry somewhat represented the town and how everything was. The people in Packingtown were pretty rude, but they were just doing what the needed to do to survive. The jobs in this town are what ruined all these people. There was nothing that anybody looked forward to and there really wasent a bright side to anything. The weather was always so harsh it sort of represented how crazy insane and unconvient their lives actually where.The harsh winters , the constant feeling of being hungry, and the horrible situations that they had hoped to avoid when they started their new lives in …show more content…
“They aimed for the public heart...and hit it in the stomach”. When “The Jungle’’ was written the author was trying to get the point across that he did not like capitalism , he was more for socialism. This book brought a lot of attention to the meatpacking industry’s. The health department became very involved and lots of rules and regulations were now supposed to be followed because people were becoming very ill after eating some of the meat that was supposed to be okay to

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