Narrative Essay: The Battle Of Thermopylae

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Narrative essay: Battle of Thermopylae The earth was shivering because of the thousands and thousands of feet heading our way. Luckily for me, the leader of the Spartan army has not one ounce of fear in my body, I do understand that there are tens of thousands of persians heading our way but I remember the day that I Hand selected 300 of my best trained, bloodthirsty soldiers along with them we have 7,000 soldiers from the mighty Athens to fight with us. Over a hill in the distance I could see all of the persians in perfect unison one by one marching towards Thermopylae a narrow path between a mountain and the ocean. This spot is the only way that we have a chance to be victorious, my well thought out plan utilizes thermopylae a lot because …show more content…
A traitor whose name will never be know had a message to the leader of the persians. I didn't know what to do anymore, i knew that if we kept this fight going that I might not have to see the cities burn to the ground, but if we kept this thing going then i know that everything would be destroyed. When i think back to before all this started and think about how happy my family was i wasn't to breakdown and cry. So sadly I had a sacrifice to make, for me, my family, and my people. I had to end this while i still could, this meant that i had to put a lot of people in danger but this would give us a chance to live life. We may not like the exact way we want to but at least it is living.
As of now i am behind the front line of the persian army as they wait until the dry dusty air clears from the barrage of arrows that they had just shot. I am running very swiftly towards the leader of the persians named Xerxes, he is the only one who can stop this madness.

As i approach I shout “ Xerxes I can stop this madness, i can end it, all of it right now. I can tell you how to defeat the
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After hours of trudging through the mountain side we finally were behind the spartans. As I came close enough to them i was horrified with the sight of at least 20,000 persians murdered, just piles and piles of bodies lying on the ground lifelessly. I knew it was too late, the 300 spartans had killed at least 20,000 persians there was no saving greece after this war, and now I just ruined any chance of the spartans winning.
Before the persians surrounded the spartans there was a very one sided fight going on. Xerxes decided that while the part of his army surrounded the spartans that he would attack. Worst possible move
I leonidas know that as soon as this dust clears there will be thousands and thousands of persians attacking my people. I trust my 300 men that we can take on the persians slowly and with strategy. The air begins to become more transparent and thin, you can now see the sun illuminating the dust falling to the ground. I order my troops to get in a wall formation with the spears in the back because i am starting to feel the energy in the air rise. This energy turns into persian yells as i see silhouettes of warriors charging towards us. We fight, I see traumatic things happening, spears piercing stomachs, rib cages collapsing, swords sliding across throats. Then all of the sudden my men start dropping like flies from behind. I turn around as i feel a spear

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