Tears Of Sorrow Short Story

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Tears of Sorrow
Death, I never really understood this meaning, why are they so heartbreaking when we lose someone we hold dearest. I never knew what this agonizing pain felt like until a couple years ago. The feeling, the pain and the countless day of not getting out of bed. I felt this way when I lost the one person who shared the most interest on me. On that day, exactly six year ago, I knew it all over for me and it came in the most unforeseen way.
In the scorching hot humid summer air, the plane first touched down from LAX to Ho Chi Minh national airport. As I step out of the plane, the sudden bursting heat hit me in a warm gush of wind. I grabbed my luggage and head towards the large door, as I stepped out I saw the smiling faces of my relatives. We
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No I can’t take his favorite fishing rod. However, he doesn’t have much time left, his voice beginning to weaken and his movements are much slower, but if it will make him happy I will take this rod.
“ Thank you so much, I promise to keep this by my sides at all time.”, I replied
We stood there fishing the day away, laughing, jumping and even watching the sunset into the dark skies. However, this was going to be the last time I will ever hear his laugh again. The next weeks brought so much sorrow and suffering. As his condition got worse and worse, everyone would stay home to look after him, these would he his final days. One morning I woke up to a loud thud, then heard everything falling of the counter top. I rushed downstairs and saw my grandfather lying on the cold kitchen floor, gasping for his last breath on this planet.
“Someone help, help me please!”, I yelled
Everyone ran downstairs and saw him struggling between the two world, tear came from every soul that was in the room. We tried to move him to a hospital, but using his last full breath he

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