Narrative Essay On Point Guard

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Playing basketball is everything to me. I remember the day I fell in love with the sport at the age of 8. I’ve always played shooting guard. The shooting guard is basically the position who scores well just as the point guard. I played a point guard once, but not full time. I recall my coach calling me over to her, and said to me “Tyra, I want you to start playing shooting guard, and point guard full time.” I looked at her and responded back with “ok” although deep down I wanted to back down on the command and say no. Later on that day I went home, laid down on my bed, throwing the basketball back and forth to myself as I think to myself how will I master these two positions, especially as a point guard.

It’s a warm Saturday morning. I wake
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Not long after coach put me back in as a point guard, and I quickly conquered the court with no trouble. Its 5:00pm, I’m on the train ride suddenly I became a bit anxious. Will I be able to thrive playing both guards? Many will think it wouldn’t be challenging at all, but being one of the star players on the team I knew many people were depending on me to run the floor effectively. I studied most of my teammates weaknesses, and strengths so I had it all figured out. I had the plays memorized yearning to excel the next day. When I got home, I looked over my notes, and watched the Lakers VS The Phoenix Suns basketball game all night making another depiction in my …show more content…
Moments later both teams are ready and the game starts. I started as a point guard and begin to transcend. I shouted out “1-3-1” passed the ball to the shooting guard, switched positions and passed it the teammate on center, and scored the 2 pointer with a layup. I handled the play by communicating with my teammates by announcing the play, looking in their eyes, and quickly arranging them to their positions. Seeing the floor does not only involved me watching my teammates but seeing the rival team as well. That’s what being a great point guard is. Visioning plays on offense, and defense. I lead the team with 11 assists in the 3rd quarter. I managed to know who my teammates were as shooters, passers, ball handlers, and defenders. I scarified hours of sleep to make sure my team will be able to showcase their talent and hard work. Overall, it takes pain to

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