Narrative Essay On Mathematical Modeling

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My first impression on mathematical modeling was that it is a specific term for problem solving, like problem solving as the general term and modeling as the specific term. In a normal problem solving test, you will be given a situation and then a question. Then, you will interpret the problem and find the solution to the problem. Since we have been answering a lot of problems in college and even in high school, from different branches of Mathematics and even Sciences like Physics 31, I, in my own understanding of modeling, you’re given an event that happens within a frame and you have to describe what happens in the event as time progresses in terms of a mathematical equation. Since the event is described in terms of time, and time being a …show more content…
Whenever we solve those types of modeling, I imagine working in the industry and the practical applications would be in any kind of power plant or even maybe mass producing all kinds of drinks and liquor. Of course, the whole semester is just an introductory to modeling so there are still other practical applications.
In terms of my mathematical ability, I will first start to relay how I got it and where I built my foundation in mathematics. In elementary, I always liked math. Back then, mathematics was just a simple arithmetic and I was good at it. Arts and crafts were never my favourite areas. I was never the creative type of a person and my grammar and speech skills were worse. So mathematics was one of the few things I was good at in elementary. Teachers had many expectations from me. I think most of their expectations came from me being the youngest in the family and my siblings whom were known for being smart. My siblings and I came from the same school and there was a 5-year gap between me and the second oldest. Both my brother and sister already made quite an impression to the teachers. So as you can see, I started out living in their shadow. They were also good in mathematics but of
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I have my high school days to thank for that. Answering all those reviewers I can say that I have gained sufficient experience to answer basic problems such as algebraic and trigonometric problems. A good foundation in those branches in mathematics has proven really helpful for higher math. Such as in Calculus, new concepts may have been introduced but basic manipulation of the expression requires algebra. As for the fourth and fifth which are modeling mathematically and representing mathematical entities, I still need improvement but I am starting to grasp and get the hand of it. As for the sixth and seventh, I still need a lot of improvement. The thing with contests is that they never require solutions, only answers and we only have limited time to answer specially in oral test. In orals we are given 30 to 60 seconds to answer a problem. Therefore I was never used to expressing formality since nobody really cared much with the solution, so my solutions tend to get a bit messy. I just solve each problem without a regard for proper formalism. I don’t even solve each problem step by step, sometimes skipping 1 to 2 steps. It may have been less accurate but it was a faster way of solving, it’s like a run and gun type of play. I have a difficulty in expressing my

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