Short Story 'Lost But Gained'

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Lost but Gained

When a death occurs you don’t know how to act, until it’s someone you love. On June 21st I was at my best friend’s going away party in Modesto. I was gone for about six hours, but when it was time for me to come home my best friend dropped me off. I walked in my house with a huge smile on my face but as I walked in the energy in the living room felt different. The room felt mournful, I found my mom and dad sitting on the couch with a forced smile asking me how the party went. They then sat me down and told me the news, “Stasia, Granny (my dad’s grandmother) died…” The look of happiness left my face and a blank expression fell upon me. All I was able to say was, “When is her funeral.” My dad said, “We won’t know until Thursday,” I then left the room in silence.

I walked into my room in silence, I dropped my things onto the floor and laid in bed. I was blankly staring at the ceiling, but I couldn’t get myself to shed a tear because I was completely
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I know I had to go see her but I wanted to wait until only family was left in the chapel. Twenty minutes passed, and almost everyone was gone, I thought to myself, “It’s time.” My cousins Rob, Jimmy, and Josh came with me to see her. We all walk up hand in hand her, she was beautiful-she was wearing her dress she wore for her 50th wedding anniversary it was a beautiful white dress and with her she had her stuffed lion Georgie (named after my great grandfather) I couldn’t help but stare at her face, her lips looked like there were being pulled back. I let go of Jimmy’s hand and touched her arm, it was cold and hard, it seemed as if I was touching a manikin that was wearing a mask of my great grandmother’s face. I started to tear up but then made myself stop, I kept saying “Be strong, don’t cry infront of everyone.” I wiped my tear from my face, hugged my cousins, and went to my Grandma Betty’s house to go to

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