Narrative Essay: My Favorite Class Of The Anthropology Class

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For the rest of the semester we would sit in those same red cushioned lecture seats for every anthropology class. To be quite honest, although that anthropology class was horribly boring, it easily became my favorite class of the semester due to the fact that I got to see Amanda every Tuesday and Thursday. On those days, I would make sure to remember to shave and try to dress up a bit nicer than usual- no basketball shorts and no loose t-shirts. I would always arrive to class a few minutes early to make sure no one sat in our own reserved seats. I would put my backpack on Amanda’s seat so no one would sit there, because of course she always arrived a few minutes late. It was as if she lived her life to that Oscar Wilde quip, “‘I am always late …show more content…
Ryan was my go-to when it came to questions about girls, since he had plenty of expertise (and experience) on and with the topic. He was one of those guys who seemed to really understand the intricacies and complexities of how girls act and think, the way most guys can’t. It was difficult for me to communicate to him exactly how I felt towards Amanda. I tried explaining to him that this was not some ordinary attractive girl, that there was something about her that elevated to a goddess like status for me. It wasn’t just her other-worldly looks or even her incredibly warm personality, it was something about her in her spirit that so captured me. I stressed to him that I had less than a semester to get somewhere with this girl, so it was of the utmost importance that I make a move …show more content…
To him every girl was just a girl, therefore he was unable to see why I was so intent on this one foreign student.
“I guess, but I have never been so taken by a girl like Amanda before. You know how I feel about her. Obviously there are plenty of girls here, but I can’t see any of them filling the place of Amanda to me. I can’t replace someone who is irreplaceable. Look, she is only here for less than two more months, and I know if I let her get away I will regret it for the rest of my life,” I say trying to make the situation seem as grave as possible. My words at the time seeming like no exaggeration at all.
“Alright man since you 're a thinking guy, I’ll gonna you an analogy. Let’s say you 're a fisherman in the middle of the sea and you see this one fish that really draws your eye. So you try numerous times to catch this one special fish. You give everything you can to reel it in, but in the end no matter what you do and how hard you try, it just won’t attach to your hook. As you sit in your boat, you see plenty of other fish swimming around. While known of these other fish may look as good as the one you were aiming for originally, you believe that you can definitely catch some of the these fish with considerably less effort. Now what would you do, keep wasting your time on this impossible to catch fish or try and catch one of the other more attainable

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