The Importance Of Indigenous Studies 100

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Indigenous Studies 100 is a course that serves important knowledge to any university student in Canada. This is a course that deals with contemporary issues and our history as a country. It is of equal importance to other classes that are mandatory throughout our lives in university. This essay will discuss the importance of a mandatory Indigenous Studies 100 course. In this paper I will attempt to explain why the issues and history that have happened, or are currently happening in our country to Aboriginal people are necessary knowledge for all university students to learn. This is a class that should be utilized no matter what area someone is specializing in. The missing and murdered women all across Canada is a major contemporary issue that we need to become educated on. This course helps to explain how a misrepresentation in mainstream media can lead to a systematic racism in our country, which is how so many Aboriginal women have gone missing and have been murdered. Cultural appropriation is part of the problem here as well. “These stories, and the images they repeat and share with all Canadians, play a major role in defining mainstream opinion and shaping national discourse.” (Mainstream Media Representations, discussion forum, week 14.) Mainstream media has always been …show more content…
This is a diverse country that shares itself with many different groups. The importance behind learning about the contemporary and historical issues of Indigenous people is astounding. Therefore it should be mandatory that these things are taught. If we can educate ourselves on the issues of the past and present, especially those concerning the Aboriginal population, then we can begin to fix the troubles within our country. While Indigenous studies can differ vastly in terms of its themes and concepts from other mandatory classes, the concepts taught in this class can be utilized virtually anywhere within

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