Narrative Essay: Kloe As A Dog

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Narrative Essay Kloe was a beautiful, caramel colored dachshund that I hated loving. She was never the most energetic dog. If I took her to the park and tried to get her to play fetch, she would look me in the eye with the blankest expression. Then I would proceed to sadly pick up the ball up myself. Normally I could open the door for her and she could go out and do her business by herself, because she knew her boundaries and I knew she was never the type to interact with other dogs, but one day she took it too far and we had to make drastic changes. We had a neighbor that owned a quite friendly dog, and Kloe seemed to have developed an interest in this dog. One day when she was out, she was tempted to take that interest to a “whole different …show more content…
We tried to get back to our normal routine with Kloe by letting her go out on her own, but because we had moved into a much bigger apartment complex we were a bit hesitant to let her roam free, but we gave it a try. For a few days everything was fine, until we noticed there was another dog that would regularly stroll around on its own. We knew we had to get Kloe spayed to prevent another pregnancy, but we just weren’t financially ready for that. Walking her on a leash was also not an option because she was very stubborn and insisted on being independent. Since Kloe hated being on a leash we would just walk with her and watch where she went. As soon as we thought we had her under control, she began to show pregnancy symptoms once again. I went crazy because I had no idea how or when this could’ve happened, but somehow it did and I knew I had to tell my mom. I was terrified because I knew she would flip. As I walked towards her room, my hands began sweating profusely, and I couldn’t stop fidgeting with my fingers. As I entered I nervously said, “Mom I think Kloe’s pregnant again.” I could tell by the way she placed her head in her hands and took a deep breath that she was angry, but there was nothing we could do at that point.
After two long months Kloe gave birth to another litter of puppies. No one was nearly as excited as the first time, instead it just felt like a drag, and for
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I knew my mom was fed up with the constant mess, and I was afraid to find out what she was going to do. Eventually one day, she sat me down, her eyes laid low, and there was a frown on her face. I could tell she was not going to say anything I wanted to hear. She said “Rocio, I’ve decided that it would be best to take the dogs to the dog shelter, because they are out of control, and I’m tired of it. We’re taking them tomorrow” I was right, that was the last thing I wanted to hear and I felt like my heart dropped to my stomach. I know Kloe was never the easiest going dog, but I loved her and the thought of letting her go made me cringe so badly. I suggested giving her away to someone we knew, but my mom and I both knew she was too old to

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