Narrative Essay - I Walk Down The Corridor With A Knife

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I walk down the corridor with a knife in my hand as I search for Ivan thinking about that quote. I wonder if “They” were ever in my situation or liked the beginning of their new life. With uncertainty I open the door to the dining room where Zeroff lead me when we first met. The room was empty and clean with new tablecloth and tableware the room was magnificent. I search for any signs of movement walking carefully with trembling hands.
After two hours of searching I found Ivan bleeding by the dog cages. I look down at him seeing the pain in his eyes not being able to look away. It is when I call his name he look at me-his eyes plead for mercy and I bend down and cover his nose and mouth with my hand. Ivan doesn 't struggle just looks at me with no emotion. I stay like this for 3 minutes when I’m curtain he’s dead I slowly get up.
I hear a crash that makes my head jerk so fast my eyes don’t fully adjust. I walk where I think the sound it coming from, and a hear people talking from the kitchen I move closer to see the owners of the voice. “ Poor Mr. Rainford died just like the others...” a woman said. “ Not that Mr. he is a hunter he’ll put up a fight then die” another said and the last one-a little girl said “Leave that Mr. Rainford alone he-he maybe dead but-but he knew what was right and what was wrong. He-he… He was a real hunter.”
The woman looked at eachother for a moment then burst out with laughter and the girl went back to continue picking up the pieces of…

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