Narrative Essay Crash

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The Crash I thought my day would just be a normal day, but by the end it was different. The day started off as a normal day, going to school, learning new things. Then the end of the school day came, all of us leave. I got in the car that my brother was driving, it felt like how everyday felt.We were just going home, then we turned onto a street that my brother takes a lot. All of a sudden we got hit by another car. I didn’t know what happened, and then I looked at my brother’s face and we both start to scream and cry. I didn’t know if I or my brother were going to die, or if the other guy was okay. My brother opened his door as fast as he could, he told me as I start to open my door that everything …show more content…
I found out I had 3 broken toes, 1 dislocated toe, and 5 fractures in my foot. So they had to put me into emergency surgery, which was so scary cause I never had surgery before. I was saying goodbye to everyone and getting hugs and when Eric gave me a hug he said “I’m so sorry this happened to you, It’s all my fault.” and hearing that just broke my heart even more. As I said back to him “You are my hero, you saved my life, this is not your fault.” As they pushed me away, I was just crying thinking of all the good and bad things that could or will happen. It was about 2 hours later I finally woke up out of surgery and was in a recovery room still doing tests on me. About 15 minutes later they took me to my room where my family was as they were all happy to see me, as they all gave me hugs I realized that Eric was still having a sad and worry look on his face. So I told my brother your my hero, you saved my life, were both here and it’s okay. When my phone was handed to me, I had so much more text messages from everybody that I didn’t like or wasn’t my friends and some of my family members. As I was reading them, I thought to myself, why am I thinking that they hate me or why do I not like them when they 're here for me. And ever since that night I’ve realized that all the people that I judge are becoming my friends and are helping me out a

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