Narrative Essay About Riding A Bike

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Trying something new can be the hardest and most frightening. Riding a bike, learning to swing or learning a new language can all be extremely difficult. One of my scariest experiences was learning how to ride a dirt bike at a young age. I was terrified of this little bike but, I’m glad I concurred it. I was always afraid of falling off the bike because I knew the fall would hurt badly. I felt that riding a dirt bike was an important skill I should learn. At the time, I thought it was only cool because I would get to ride and race my friends to the park and be like all the dudes on TV. I didn’t realize that once you learn to ride, you never really lose the touch as you get older. I remember the first dirt bike class I went to this humongous …show more content…
POW! Down goes me and the bike. I had fell on my side with my leg stuck under the bike. I fell all dramatically off the bike like I had been shit. I closed my eyes as I waited for someone to come get the bike. I was stretch out on the ground, everyone thought I had passed out. My teacher helped me up to try again. It felt like I had gotten on the bike and fell hard to the ground about a million times. After so many tries I had concurred my fear and was able to go on to the next part of training. I rode of quick ass the dirt hit my teacher in the face. I could feel the harsh wind through my coat and helmet as I zoomed off the next dirt track. I immediately went to the large dirt track, thinking I could handle it. All the other guys were having fun and doing flip tricks in the air. I went to the top of the dirt, looked down to my ending stop. Pressed on the gas two times and all you heard was Broom! I had took off down the dirt pile. The most hair-raising encounter, I would o never thought I was so shocked that I had enough confidence to do that. Learning to ride a dirt bike was not a cake walk for me, but in the end my consistency paid off. Not only did I learn how to ride, but I also learned about patience. Now when I confront a new situation I am not so frightened by what might happen. I may feel awkward at first, but I know that as I keep on practicing my skills will get better. I will feel more comfortable. It feels great and refreshing when you achieve a goal you have set for

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