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Every little girl wants to be a princess growing up. We always get told by our fathers how special or beautiful we are, although this may not be the case for everyone. For most people, the word “princess” may not carry a deep meaningful thought, but to me it does. This may be due to the lack of my father never calling me “prinsesa,” instead my mother was the one to call me that as a way to show and tell me that I was special and loved. She may have started to say it so I didn’t feel any less loved compared to my brothers. She also knew my dad’s side of the family never liked me and she did not want me to feel left out. The way my parents’ family showed affection towards me was extremely different growing up, and my mother calling me “princesa” always made me feel better. On
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He has a one year old girl and a three year old girl . He never really called me “prinsesa” growing up, and as a kid I always wondered why. When I got older I realized why he didn’t; he didn’t see me as his own daughter. Once I understood why he never did, I didn’t mind as much. My mother and father split up when I was about twelve years old. As most children do, I wondered if it was because of me or something I had done. When I grew up I understood that it wasn’t me, and I realized why he never called me “prinsesa.” This was partially his mother 's fault, Catherine. Catherine was nothing like Carmelina. Catherine never wanted him to marry or get with my mother, so she always tried to make up stories and find a way to have them separated. One of the biggest things Catherine told my father was that my mother cheated on him, which is something my beloved mother would never do because it’s against her beliefs. Sadly, Reynaldo believed Catherine and he kept insisting to my mother that it was true, when it wasn’t. They had several arguments over the topic and Reynaldo would not believe Vilma since he loved Catherine and trusted

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