Personal Narrative: My Childhood And Done-Work

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For as much chaos that may have been ingrained into my family there was something more that we all might have overlooked and that was the life that our family posed. Good, bad or ugly my family was full of life. I recall it was always busy, moving forward with getting the task at hand done - work was essential if not the most pertinent thing. My parents both born during the time of the great depression had grown up in a very changing time in Americas history, it was a time when men were considered the head of the household, usually the breadwinners while the women stayed home and tended to the family. A time when hard work was expected, respect was demanded and traditional values were strong.
Both my parents grew up poor. My mother was the
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My mother who was well educated would do all the bookkeeping, payroll, ordering of supplies and eventually teach me too most of the clerical work. She would also be the designer of my dad’s company by drawing the symbols for his business that would eventually be placed on hats, cards and the vehicles. They did very well for themselves insofar as the business went and outward looking in it must have appeared we had all the advantages of most middle class families. We were for the most part very fortunate, we most definitely had things and possessions that became the way of showing love in our family.
We enjoyed wonderful vacations usually meeting up with my aunt and uncle from Jersey. From one or two week vacations where mostly we meet in Myrtle Beach, SC where they would all purchase property in hopes to one day all retire together there and one trip to the Grand Ole Opry where they were holding the world’s fair. I recall how excited I was to go on all the rides and to see Ronnie Millsap’s concert where he performed on stage and my sister met Conway Twitty and got his autograph. It was indeed a fun
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He would often escape from the fenced pasture sometimes in the middle of the night with us having to get up and go chase him down. He was a lot of fun and brought us much joy, of course we never considered what the cow’s ultimate potential was for as this farming life was new to us, till one night we all were at the dinner table eating a steak dinner my mother had prepared for us when my father made a moo sound, every one of us stopped with our fork before our mouths and looked out into the pasture taking notice that Sunny was no longer present. We asked where sonny was even though we assumed what the answer was before it was given. Apparently cow rearing was not our thing and my father would sell the reaming meet in the freezer back to the people who butchered it for us. It was a local store named Lawhon’s Grocery & Meat a family owned store that we often frequented, friends to our family along with many in that community. Eventually my father set out to purchase a dog one night he showed up late as he rushed to buy one of the remaining pups left, he was the runt of the litter but you would never had thought this once you seen him grown up. We named him Bandit and he was absolutely a beautiful extra-large German Shepherd that I would spend much of my time with and become my best friend. Him and I use to spend a lot of our time together often running through the over flowing ditches,

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