Narrative Essay About Lost In The Woods

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Jacky Barrera
October, 8th, 2015
Lost In The Woods

"Have you ever gotten lost with your best friend in the woods?". If you haven't, you don't want to be lost in the woods with a stubborn person, or maybe a klutz and especially if they get really scared with the smallest things that a five years old would be laughing at. Well once a month on the first Friday's of the month me and my best friend always go to the woods, their is no reason why we do it but it's something that naturally happened. On the first Friday of the month, I was getting ready to go to the woods with Kieran. He, obviously beat me there like he always does which isn't fair, because he gets their like thirty minutes before the actual time we are suppose to meet. Kieran and
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"Let's go see how much we can discover" said Kieran. I did not want to go because we have never been farther then our end point. " I'd rather stay here it safer and we know our way back from here" I said to him. He did not let the idea go, once he gets something in his head it never comes out until he actually does what he wants. "Stay here I'll be right back" he said. I told him not to go, but he would budge. He said that he "had" to go, I rolled my eyes and told him to hurry up if he was going to go. He took his phone with him and he kept texting me asking me "your still there right". By the time he texted me for the fifth time I din't answer, he got really scared and texted me so many times I couldn't even keep track, he was freaked out. I texted him back telling him to calm down and that I was fine. We called me to make sure I was fine, I told him that if he was really scared to come back. He said that he would be there in less than ten minutes, I told him to hurry up because it was late and we had to go home. I waited and waited, it had been twenty minutes since he called me, he still was not back. I called him to ask him were he was, he answers and told me that he got …show more content…
I had to go look for him he told me not to go look for him but I did, I did not listen to him, which is not a miracle I never listen to him and he knows that better then anyone. I got phone call from Kieran's mom asking at what time we were going to get home, I could tell her he got lost so I told her as soon as we could, she said ok and hung up. Know I really had to find Kieran so we can go home, I called him to ask if he found his way back yet. He answered but told me he was not sure we're he exactly was anymore, I went back to were I last saw him and told him to hurry up. When he hung up he said that he turned the flashlight on from his phone and walk straight, by that time it was an hour since he got lost. I stayed their and waited quietly just trying to hear if he was any closer, he texted be saying that he saw the huge rock of were we usually stop, then I told him that I din't see him. Turned out that he did get their and I got lost while looking for him, but I did get back in less than five minutes because I knew were I was going from the point I left, just that I thought the rock I saw their was not the same as the one

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