Narrative Essay About Football

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Club football season is into its 10th week and fans are already on each other. Apart from the rivalries and derbies, the fantasy football is super exciting but football fans believe the fan base is 99% men but thank your stars am here to knock something into your head – ‘FOOTBALL IS FOR EVERYONE’.
I am an Arsenal fan and I’ve been waiting for this season with the hopes that Arsenal would win the league title for first time since the invincible. I spend most of my time watching Match day live, Fan zone, football today and of course football games.
However, over the years I have compiled five shits thrown at me every season from male football fans because they feel intimidated by my knowledge of football and they presume I am ‘faking’ it
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You know that feeling every football fan has after their favourite club has just demolished a big rival during the weekend. You can’t wait to get to the office ON Monday morning especially if some of your colleagues support the defected club – that butterfly feeling everyone has. I walk into the office on Monday and the guys are so loud, some making reasonable arguments while others trying to defend the performance of their club during weekend. I love arguments like that; I love experiencing my opinion so as soon as I open my mouth to contribute, everyone disperse and it’s not because my mouth stinks. I get this weird look and I know a thread silly questions is about to be thrown at me. I probably know more football rules than most men so there’s nothing as condescending as when men try to simplify football because they don 't believe i really know what 's going …show more content…
Although I count myself lucky to have a sport loving family, my dad and I are Arsenal fans, my sister is a Chelsea fan and my little brother is a Barcelona fan. Because most games start at exactly the same time we came up with a “10 minutes” rule.

For example, If Arsenal. Chelsea and Barcelona have to play at the same time (which happens mostly on Champions League nights), we watch all 3 games at a 10 minutes interval so we watch Arsenal for 10minutes, switch to Chelsea for 10 mins and switch to Barcelona for another 10 minutes until the games finish. I hate this rule because I can phantom the idea of not seeing every move made by Arsenal. I could find a bar, a restaurant or a sport viewing center where I can watch the game without the annoying ’10 minute’ rule, but it’s easier said than done.
It 's hard going out to bars and restaurants for games without some guy noticing you 're a football fan and trying to talk to you, it is annoying and uncomfortable because the only reason I came to bar is to watch every second of the

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