Narrative Essay About Family Love

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The family LOVE
“You’re a disgrace to your family and loved ones.... What gave you the idea to do such a thing? ”

Even as a 25 year old lady I still here these lines almost everyday. They don’t phase me anymore and it is nothing they can say or do that will break me down now. I have been living with this so called “disease” for many years and i’m proud of it. It has been a struggle trying to get to where I am now but I know it was all worth it. My family didn’t care about what I had to say. All they cared about was the what the people at church and in the neighborhood thought. Every time I told them about how I didn’t like girls and how I didn’t want to marry those abstract creatures they would go out and find me a beautiful girl and have
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She had the figure of a goddess with her long black hair down to the middle of her back. She always wore a red hat to hide her forehead because she thought it was big. Her eyes were soft brown that went with her caramel skin color. She didn’t think of herself as pretty but she was beautiful in my eyes. Her voice was so soft so every time she talked it sounded as if god was whispering in your ear. Everything about her was perfect even the body. She was 5’0 and her body was tiny but beautiful. Everything fit so perfectly in my mind. I could stare at Karen for hours. Karen and I started to become friend during the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. She would always come over after school to watch a movie or study. I guess we were dating, but that’s still a question to me. Everytime she came over we would always be so close together and I didn’t know if I had the right to kiss her so I didn’t, and she kissed …show more content…
I didn’t know what to do because I really wanted to feel her beautiful body in my hands again but I don’t think I was ready. I was only 15 , very tiny minded and unknowledged about sex in general. But that didn’t stop her, she ripped her showing her black sport bra and her fantastic abs. Her thighs were perfect I touched her thighs and everything that came with it made part of my body tingle. I then looked up at her and she begins to kiss my neck as I pulled her closer to grab even more body that was exposed to me. I was feeling ashamed for her letting me do these “sinful” things to her. For a 15 year old girl she was very strong and very persuasive. I was then feeling every inch of her skin on mine making my body tingle everywhere. I did things to Karen I have only seen in movies, and it felt like a rush. I have felt our sweats mixing together making it even more exciting. An hour in we gave in and fall laying away from each other. Our first time was on the living floor in my mother 's house. She cried laughing, I was confused so I went to hug her. She shoved me away and got up real slowly and painfully reaching for her clothes rushing to put them on. While she struggled to put on her clothes I stare at her body one last time. I asked her what was wrong and she replied, “Jason I am not going to regret what we did. I love you,” she paused to wipe away her tears “as a

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