Essay on Narrative Criticism : Use Of Visual Rhetoric

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Everyone has heard of Narratives, and being critics is a one of those human instincts that comes naturally, but what exactly is Narrative criticism? Narrative criticisms focus on stories or events that help us make sense of specific areas in our daily human experiences. There are four elements that play a role in this. First off a narrative most consist of two or more events that are active. Also, they must be organized in a time order fashion. Thirdly, narrative has a casual or contributing relationship, and lastly it must have a unified subject. All of these elements are involved when analyzing settings, characters, and narrators. Sonja Foss frames the study of visual rhetoric which involves symbols, human interactions, and purposes for communicating. When performing a narrative criticism, one should look at the main areas in the narrative that allow them to find and discuss points that are meaningful in the artifact. There is always a personal involvement in narratives that allow readers to be able to relate with a higher level of critical thinking. Finding the common appeal to mass majority and evaluating the function and nature of the artifact is crucial for understanding how to use Foss’s theory properly. Rhetorical criticisms are the process of analyzing symbols and understanding symbols as objects. This takes place while identifying artifacts and the main concepts within that help understand the narrative type and what themes may lie within it. Propps analysis helps…

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