Self Esteem In Jean Twenge's An Army Of One: Me

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The assertion of the needs and the wants of the self has significant correlation with one’s self confidence. A low self esteem is something that is terrible in every sense and can keep one from reaching their true potential as a person. Inversely, too much self esteem is something that can have just the same if not more damaging results. As one’s self confidence begins to increase, it leads to the narcissism within everyone to be brought up. In author Jean Twenge’s passage, “An Army of One: Me,” she mentions how, “narcissism is one of the few personality traits that psychologists agree is almost completely negative” (502). As self importance and self esteem has seen as a rise in importance and enforcement, the rise of narcissism has risen accordingly. …show more content…
The line between a high self esteem and narcissism is very thin and almost non-existent one. They essentially go hand in hand, in terms of definition and impact. Taking a step back and looking at the tendencies the people make, it is clear that people have a propensity to eventually turn towards narcissism. The programs that the previous generation had to undergo seems to be taking its toll during the current time period. Author Jean Twenge puts it best when she states, “All evidence suggest that narcissism is much more common in recent generations” (504). This trend is supported through different programs such as GenMe which are created to help those who suffer from having a low self esteem. While they may be able those in need reach the desired level on the spectrum, it adversely increases the self esteem of average people. Simply put, these programs can be a potential scapegoat for the narcissism. It can even be said that even without the influence of programs like GenMe, that people tend to lead towards the side of narcissism through their actions. Author Leslie Bell provides an example of how one girl’s actions and approach towards sex and love led, “to her feeling more her own which she actually was considered desirable and attractive” (34). Bell never mentions the influence of any factor that influences that girl’s actions except for that fact that it made her feel better about herself, and in turn lead to her tendency towards that side of the spectrum. Why she chose to continue her actions however, was because of how other viewed her. The effect of society on one has the ability to influence their decisions and in turn affect the equality of the

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