Essay about Napoleon a Great Military Leader

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In the Primitive society, human lived among each other in caves. They shared stuffs, which they hunted with each other. In the tribes, they still need a leader, who can guide them during those hunting journey. Time goes by, the develop of human society makes we need another type of leader who can dominant, confident, aggressive, creative, and long term view, etc. Many great leaders were born to guide the human society develop to higher level; but anything has two sides of it, and sometimes we have some leaders who tried to destroy the society. Those people are Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh, etc. there are many
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during his entire career as a solder to become a king of France, he must be considered as one of the greatest leader in military history.
The reasons why Napoléon became a greatest leader were his long-term viewed and interpersonal skills; he never gave up on his troops and stayed true to his word. He was loyal and trust worthy as well, all good traits of a great leader. Was Napoléon a dominant man? Yes, he was. He ordered a young cavalry officer, Joachim Murat, to seize large cannons and used them to repel the attackers on 5 October 1795. One thousand four hundred royalists died, and the rest fled (McLynn, 1998). He showed to other solders how dominant he was. Was he confident? If he was not a confident man, how could he lead the French army to invaded the Europe for many years, or become king of France, and Italy? He did everything, paid any cost to achieve his goal. Napoléon was the best man in motivating other people do something incredible, such as leaded his army cross the Alps in his Italy campaign (Cronin, 1994) , which was something impossible at that time. There is a story about a solder in Napoléon’s army; it was a cold night, and he was falling in sleep while guarding the gate of the camp. When he woke up, he saw Napoléon standing there, guarding the gate for him. Moreover, he gave the solder his coat to warm him up; from that moment, the whole army’s atmosphere

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