Nanotechnology And Cancer : A Look Into Better Options Essay example

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Nanotechnology and Cancer: A Look into Better Options

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been felled by disease and one of the most common killers of humans and animals as well. Until recently cancer has gone uninterrupted in its mass killing spree. Methods of treatment began to arise such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Now technology has advanced enough to allow nanotechnology to arise. Nano allows access to treatment and detection options that neither radiotherapy nor chemotherapy have access. The use of quantum dots to highlight cells allows for more accurate detection than typical optical detection methods. Use of particular nanoshells, paramagnetic nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes allow for improved treatment of a cell through external radio and chemical treatment. Not only is the treatment and detection more effective, there is also potential for massively reduced toxicity risks that are associated with current cancer treatment methods. Nanotechnology has a leg up over its other competitors. Naturally this comes with advanced technology. For example, nanotechnology has the ability to detect cancer in its budding stages and deliver drugs to specified infected cells, protect the drugs from being degraded whilst in transit to the cells and preventing the drugs from interacting with healthy cells to avoid side effects and damaging the cell (Acharya 2016). Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are currently the most prominent cancer treatment options open to…

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