NASA Moon Landing Analysis

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Although the NASA moon landing video was fraught with poor informational execution, it very effectively employed the Gish Gallup technique which caused more sway towards their side of the argument. The video used multiple pieces of questionable information and even presented itself poorly in the beginning. The beginning of the video made it seem as though the narrator was there to disprove the conspiracy theories, when later on he made it more apparent that he supported them and attempted to make them seem more likely. The video itself used multiple pieces of evidence that could have been easily tampered with such as all the photos they brought forward or the interview piece they had with Allen Bean. The interview video they had with, former astronaut, Allen Bean is faulty due to …show more content…
The video also relied heavily on the French mockumentary of the Apollo moon landings called The Dark Side of the Moon. The film begins its claim with there being a skeleton crew of two actors and two technicians working in Stanley Kubrik’s set to film the moon landing. These four men where supposedly CIA agents who were single men so that their silence could be insured. This method seems counterintuitive to me because the ability to hold someone’s loved ones over them who would have a stronger and longer lasting tactic for their silence. The film centered almost completely around Kubrik’s cooperation is questionable due to the lack of actual information provided from him. It also relies heavily on a clipped interview with Kubrik’s wife with most of her statements having the ability to be applied to the perfection he sought in all his films. The film also shows multiple outtakes of the filming of the moon landing which end with the set crashing apart and multiple men appearing from off camera to fix

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