Myth on Aging Essay

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There are many misconceptions when we talk about sex especially to old age generation. During the first day of class in HS 107, we talked about myths on aging. According to many people, they believed that “Majority of old people have no interest in, nor capacity for, sexual relations” (Facts on Aging Quiz). In our society, many people believe that older adults do not have sex when they reach the certain old age. Many argue that as you grow older your body becomes frail, thus, decreasing and diminishing sexual desire. Others believe that the sex “belong to the younger generations” (Schwartz, 2012). Since older adults are more prone to chronic disease, this means that we assume that they do not have a desire on having sexual intercourse. …show more content…
However, due to overgeneralization and prejudice, many older adults are embarrassed to seek for help even to health professionals. Lochlainn and Kenny (2013) states that, “5% of older women volunteered their sexual problems during office visits, 85.3% of men with erectile dysfunction wanted help, but only 10.4% mean received medical care.” Not many older adults seek for help because of the stigma that our society is impelling. Many providers underestimate patient risk, and lack the knowledge and comfort to discuss questions about sexual dysfunction or satisfaction with older patients (Langer-Most & Langer, 2010). Many patient providers do not have adequate training on how to approach the older adults’ issue because of the stigma. The doctors are embarrassed and they feel it is a humiliation to his/her profession when they open the sex issue for older adults.
Additionally, older adults tend to be excluded from studies because many professionals that they have a lower chance of getting diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and a very low chance of getting pregnant. Thus, there have only been a few doctors that have enough knowledge when it comes educating older adults on how to compromise with their body or how to prevent of getting infected with sexual transmitted diseases.
Media have also contributed with the ageism regarding with sexual relations among older adults. “[…] One reason for the negative attitudes of older person could be the

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