My Writing For The First Time Ever Essay

1016 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
As I write this and boldly put my name on my writing for the first time ever, I pray for courage and strength in my words. I pray that God speak through my tribulations and show his glory through it all. I pray that God open something up in you and reveal his majesty through your trails as well. Being vulnerable is not a feeling that I love (or even like) to show, but God has pushed me these past few weeks and equipped me with the ability to grow and learn from my past hurt. My hope is that each of you can look past this world and what it tells us about mental health, and just be real with yourself and your process. It 's a hard to step to be open and raw, but my prayer is that this will push someone else to take their first steps to healing, too.

Mental illnesses are more common in everyday life than one might think. It might not even be a diagnosed “mental illness” you struggle with, and rather, it’s a traumatic event you can 't push out of your thoughts or emotional damage from your past that has affected your self-esteem. Everyone has something different that they struggle with internally, but I would venture to say all humans struggle with feeling depressed at least once in their life time. The question I 've burdened my heart with recently is why are we so quick to deny our mental state and our deepest feelings? Is it because of the stigma behind being broken? Is it the reputation you built yourself that you are scared to corrupt? Or is it the fear that accepting our…

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