My Worst Enemy Is My Memory Essay

810 Words Sep 27th, 2015 4 Pages
My worst enemy is my memory. No matter how hard I try to bury my thoughts, they always found a way to resurface. As I remember the popular saying ‘You only live once’, I also remember that was Caleb’s special way of living. All he ever wanted was to live life to the fullest while inspiring the people around him. With time, Caleb’s passing made me learn to appreciate and cherish the people I truly love and the moments spent with them. Before meeting Caleb, I would say I was not very appreciated of the people I knew. I was extremely close with my family but never thought to really appreciate the times spent together. I always thought my friends and family were invincible and that I would have them forever. Never did I understand or feel the pain of a loss until I lost my good friend. His name was Caleb and I thank God every day for the moment he noticed me in seventh grade. It was my last class of the day at my new school. Although I had already went through six classes that day I was still pretty nervous. I entered the classroom and found my assigned seat. It was next a little white guy who could not stop smiling at me. I was already nervous about starting a new school and with him smiling had made me even more uncomfortable. I turned my head and he said, “I’m sorry”. I turned back to him and he’s smiling. “I’m sorry. My name is Caleb”, he said. From that very moment, we became friends. We went on to enjoy the rest of seventh grade year until I had to switch schools…

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