Essay on My Views On Values And Values

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Throughout life people have many different experiences that help shape who they are and what they believe in. Sometimes, culture, religion, gender, age, and many other things can influence certain values. Even some influences may be the same, everyone develops their values differently and that is what makes us individuals. Personally, my values evolved more through my experiences but my mother laid the framework for them. The values that are most important to me are, respect, honesty, empathy and equality. Growing up I was always told to respect others, especially adults, as well as other people’s property. I interperted that as, watch what you say and do around older people, let the older person have the seat on the bus and things of that nature. Through encounters with people, I realized respect meant much more than my original understanding. Now my concept of respect, not only consists of being polite to your elders, but to everyone, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, political views, socialecomonic class, and so on. I’ve learned over the years to respect other’s views, even if I do not agree with them, because people think and feel in different ways. Honesty is another value that was thought to me, yet grew to have a more significant meaning once I was got older. Honesty to others is one of those values that just about everyone is taught growing up, but being honest to yourself is just as important, if not more. By being honest with yourself,…

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