My Views On Sexuality And Sexuality Essay example

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I anticipated that this course would expand my knowledge on human sexuality. The introductory sexual ideology survey presented questions, some which I had never thought of before, to elicit my existing beliefs. Some topics reinforced my current beliefs while others introduced me to new ideas and perspectives. Reflecting back on those questions has been intimidating. My previous responds made me question my understanding of what it means to comprehend sexuality. So I wondered how educated peers, family, friends or the general public are about topics in sexuality. After completing this course, I am confident in my ability to answer some of these questions in more detail, confidence, and specifics. Overall, I believe that my current viewpoints have expanded and I now comprehend the diversity in sexuality and how sexuality expands beyond my personal romantic relationship in the bedroom. I hope to be able to transmit this new information to enlighten close friends and family so they too can better understand the many viewpoints on sexuality.
My responds to the sexual ideology introduction survey were grounded on my personal feelings on sexuality, my sexual behavior, and relationships. When asked how sexuality impacted my personal view I responded with, “Sexuality makes me feel self-conscious…” What this revealed is that I feel insecurities although my physique and sexual category are considered normal. One of the most memorable topics on sexuality was on children born outside of…

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