Essay about My Views On Life And Values

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A few years ago I lost a close friend to suicide. This has been a pivotal moment in my life and the values and beliefs that I will be discussing reflect this previous tragedy. My beliefs are as followed, I strongly believe that every life has purpose and is a gift and I believe that balance is key in ones life whether it be amongst friends, family, school, work and or relationships. I believe that each individual has the power and potential to alter or predict their future. I believe in the power of equality and I strongly believe that by serving myself, I can better serve the world. Lastly, I actively believe in approaching each situation with not only an open mind but an open heart with lots of love. Several of my values echo my beliefs, I value honesty and loyalty amongst my relationships, I value respect with a passion and I also value empathy. Lastly, I also value family and community. With respect to my beliefs discussed above, many theories and approaches we have discussed thus-far will appear congruent. With compliments to my belief that every life is a gift and has purpose, this belief would be congruent with the existentialist approach. In the existentialist approach, it focuses on the meaning of life. This approach agrees that “life is essentially meaningless and without purpose, therefore human beings must create meaning and purpose to guide our existence”. (Hick, 2010, p. 68) By reason of this similar belief, I assume that I would be more passionate when…

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