My Views On Human Origins Essay

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Human Origins has always been a subject that I have struggled with in terms of knowing what is true and what is not true. This subject seems as though everyone knows something about it but their facts seem as though they are rumors. My views on our human origins are that of Creationism along with Evolution. I believe in a mix of the two because I think that both sides are right and wrong in many ways.

I am a devout Catholic and have gone to Catholic school up until this point in my education. Having been taught Creationism all my life, it is easy to believe that it is the only view. However in terms of my views it is not. I believe it Creationism to an extent. There is a big debate within the church is whether to read the Bible figuratively or literally. This is especially difficult when determining how to read the Book of Genesis. My interpretation is a figurative one. I believe that the writers used that type of language to give an origin story. It would make the story easy to relay and easy to understand. Adam and Eve could very well have been real people and the garden of Gethsemane could be a real place. However, in my opinion, I believe it is figurative.

Our place as humans in nature and in the world is questionable. Are we supposed to be in charge of nature? Or are we part of nature? To me, this seems to be a big issue in deciding our place. How do we decide which side to choose? Have we already chosen? My view is that we are…

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