My Views On Homeland Security Essay

1012 Words Jun 9th, 2015 null Page
My trade choice is homeland security and my reasons why are as follows I can see myself in a Place of protecting people and making sure everybody can feel safe in their own area of living and also knowing the others in my work will also protect them while they are in a different area then their own. I made this choice to come to San Diego Job Corps Because I know this is a great program it gives you a second chance on life and gives you everything you will need to know about the area of work you intend to go in to it is a chance most people don’t get and for the ones that do use it to the fullest and I know they will give me the skills I need to further my interests in homeland security.
Skills needed for my trade I will need to learn and acquire in my trade are to learn the codes we use to commutate to each other will have to learn military time because that’s how we tell time in our work field. I will also need to learn CPR in case I need to use it will also need to acquire my guard card to show that I can work for the job I have applied to will also need my cards for pepper spray and Taser. My trends in my trade are to protect and serve and help people we tend to emergency’s and help when people need information and that’s pretty much what we do.
What I need to work on as employability goes is just learning how to speak louder and bush up a little bit on the rest of employability skills and I will be good to go. About working either in groups or on my own either one is…

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